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Lords of Dogtown

In the mid-1970s, urethane wheels for skateboards helped revolutionize skateboarding and inspired the zephyr team to do great things, if it weren't for the z-boys, skateboarding wouldnt be what it is today and this film tells their story. However there were three z-boys that stood out; Tony Alva (played by Victor Rasuk, "Raising Victor Vargas"), Stacy Peralta (played by John Robinson, "Elephant"), and Jay Adams (played by Emile Hirsch, "Dangerous Lives of altar boys"). Guided by their mentor, Skip Engblom (played by Heath Ledger, "A Knights tale") and a talented surf board maker Jeff Ho, the boys rocketed to fame but lost themselves, and their friendship, quickly in the excesses of the moment.


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Lords of dogtown is z-boy awesome
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